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Women’s Luxury Silk Scarves

weaving art with fashion

The language of pure luxury. The finest silk scarves


Our collection of luxury silk scarves is a fusion of bold colour and abstract design. Inspired by architecture, structured lines are reimagined as geometric motifs and organic strokes. Rich hues, languidly fluid silk and hand crafted finishes are the language of pure luxury.

Here at Basma, we seek to honour the incredible heritage of silk. First discovered in China, the earliest example of silk fabric dates back to 3630 BC, when a silk body wrap was used for a child. While its beauty is undisputed, many are not aware of silk’s incredible natural properties. As a natural fibre, it helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool and cosy as the environment dictates. Thanks to its high protein content, it is the most hypoallergenic of all fibres and allows the skin to breathe. 

We are proud to make and design all our scarves in the UK using ethically sourced silk from China. Just like precious jewellery, silk trades as one of the most treasured fabrics in the world and different grades produce different types of silk. Ten kilograms of silk cocoon are required to produce just one kilogram of silk fabric, making it one of the strongest natural fibres in the world; stronger, in fact, than a metal wire of equal thickness.

Loved and revered for its exquisite sheer finish and beautiful drape against the skin, silk chiffon is defined by its lustrous pearlescent hue; the perfect canvas for our striking, bold motifs. Basma scarves are made in small batches to maintain exclusivity. 


What our clients say about our beautiful silk chiffon scarves

"I LOVE the uniqueness of the scarves [...] I definitely needed something different to incorporate into my wardrobe. Your scarves stand out and can be considered staple pieces.” Shahira - International Model

“Really Looks great; the colour and the design. Thank you.” Sara 


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