“so if I can’t breathe, I’m in trouble” - Karl Lagerfeld

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A reflection on London Fashion Week.

The dust has settled, everyone in the industry is back to their normal everyday life and London Fashion Week is almost forgotten. In a few weeks the cycle of planning for the next show in September starts again if it hasn’t already!

Lots has happened during the show and is not only associated with next season’s fashion and the latest trends. Initiatives gets launched during this time and opinions get aired.

There has been an air of advocacy. Sustainability was the major topic during the entire show where MPs chose the perfect moment suggesting brands and retailers in the fashion industry should pay 1p per garment to fund better clothing waste collection. There is also the recommendation for lessons to design, make and mend clothes should be on the school curriculum, while sales taxes on repair services should be reduced. What a great idea to include the basic of mending clothing to school eduction. This initiative has a lot of potential especially with the popularity of TV programmes like The Great British Sewing Bee and dedicated sewing channels 

In the UK alone consumers throw away £12.5 billion worth of clothing every year, much of it simply sitting in landfill sites. And it takes 10,000 - 20,000 litre of water to produce one pair of jeans. That is the result of fast fashion and throwaway culture the subject for another blog and discussion. 

Karl Lagerfeld  the creative genius behind Chanel, Fendi and his own label has passed away and what a poignant moment he chose, a fashion week to leave us with a bang just like his collections, thinking process and flamboyancy.  He reinvented Chanel by dipping into its history and modernising its famous black dress and signature 4 pocket jacket among many of Coco Chanel other garments. 

Burberry has apologised for their death hoodie which is interesting that no one in the design team has though about it but then designers tend to work in an internalised process and not necessary have much awareness of the outside world. 

And let’s not forget what London fashion week is all about. Richard Quinn has again a sumptuous collection his savoir-faire evening wear with exquisite tailoring, embellishment and Britishness.

Erdem AW19 collection is full of sensibility with classic beautiful silhouettes.

The tone has been established and there is no way back re sense in design and sustainability without loosing the glamour and dazzle and that doesn’t include the UK only. Paris has announced it aims to be the capital of sustainable fashion by 2024. Looking forward for the next fashion weeks and what more advancement within the industry and activism it might brings with it.