Colour is a power which directly influences the soul - Kandinsky

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Fashion and interior design; there’s always been strong, unbreakable links between them and, besides shape, form, and texture, the impact of colour has always fascinated me. Much in the same way as architecture has always informed how I design and experiment in the studio.

Not only do they both share the same aesthetic concepts as space, shape and form but they’re both an accessible artistic expression for the masses.

At the start of a new season with new possibilities, I find this awareness around colour, surroundings and mood truly fascinating and Kandinsky’s abstract and mystical art really captured this (the Tate Modern has some super prints for the home).  It’s this artistic expression which stretches the connection beyond the aesthetic into something deeper, something psychological. Interior design and fashion both represent something personal, helping us to be creative and unique, helping us understand other people and the world around us. No wonder they share the same trends and aspirations.

Looking into this, it seems we can track this connection way back to the 18th century when both industries used similar fabrics. Now they’re sharing the playground in a similar manner, not only when it comes to trends, but also professional collaborations; something I’d love to do in homewares or interiors.

It’s no surprise that we’re now seeing such interest in wearable art, given the interest in wellbeing and the understanding that what we put in our home is as important as what we wear when determining how we feel. Together with the fact that colour affects our mood far beyond what many of us realise - our favourite colours often reflecting our personality - the overlap between fashion and interior design makes perfect sense.

The crossover between fashion and interiors isn’t new – brands such as Loewe and Hermes have long dabbled in interiors and British institutions from Laura Ashley through to Liberty London have always blurred the lines between what we wear and how we dress our home. T.oast and Anthropologie do this exceptionally well and of course the house of Missoni is an institution in the joy of a bright zig zag print.

As one of the stockists I most aspire to, is a case in point. Last month, it launched its inaugural Homeware Studio, a mixed offering that includes printed crockery by Gucci and floral-print silk-satin eiderdown by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Since colour affects how we feel and reflects our personality to the extent that it does, it’s no wonder that we often talk of having a favourite colour or that we choose a colour depending on how we’re feeling (or how we want to feel). 

At Basma Design colour is in our DNA. All our beautiful silk scarves are bright, bold and with big personality thanks to colour and, displayed as a wall-hanging or worn as a headscarf, a square scarf can transform a mood or atmosphere.

One of the fashion events in London which best captures this fusion of art, design and unbridled creativity is of course London Fashion Week, an annual event which showcases exceptional craftsmanship and emerging designers alongside international fashion houses, famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brands. Who can forget Richard Quinn’s LFW triumph with his silk scarf tribute to her Majesty the Queen last season?

So, at the start of a new season (or a new term) full of potential for transformation and new opportunities, I ask you to consider which of my designs appeals to you most and then consider why?

I’ll pop a little colour guide below, which some of you may find interesting.

Do please get in touch on Instagram or Facebook and let us know your thoughts. As an artist, people and feelings are my inspiration and discovery never ends.

Red - energetic, courageous and self-confident .

Orange - friendly, fun and resourceful

Yellow- intellectual and innovative

Green - balancing, healing and harmonious

Blue - calming trustworthy and knowledgeable

Purple - serene creative and spiritual

White - pure and optimistic

Black - elegant powerful and mysterious

Brown - down to earth and approachable