'Colour is the mother tongue of the subconscious' – Carl Jung

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Colour in Fashion

Colour in fashion tell a story. Fashion is about self expression and colour plays a prominent role within it. The first thing people pay attention to is the clothes’ colour and that leaves a lasting impression.

The importance of colour in fashion has for years led the fashion world to work with forecasting colour organisations like Pantone to highlight colour trends and this usually reflects the socio economic and political situation we are living in and therefore reflects our thinking feelings and moods. For 2019 Pantone has developed the PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral which represents ‘the fusion of modern life’.

Let’s take the amazing human eye. Did you know that objects don’t possess colour? According to Newton objects don’t have colours, the surface of an object reflects some colours and absorbs all others. We only see the reflected colours. An apple is not red but it surface reflect the red colour wavelength and absorb all other colours’, hence we only see and think the apple is red. 

The retina is covered with millions of light sensitive cells called rods and cones according to their shapes. These receptors process the light and pass it on to the brain to make sense of it. Rods transmit black and white information to the brain while cones transmit all other colours. 

Scientists estimate that humans can distinguish up to 10 million colours. What is interesting that some insects such as bees, can see ultraviolet colours which is invisible to the human eye.

At Basma Design we are fascinated by colour and it is part of our DNA to use the full spectrum of colour in our prints. Basma’s art is experimental and intuitive and for sure sure this depends on the sub conscious. We are on a journey to understand colour and how it affects the human consciousness.  And this is why we always recommend to wear our beautiful silk chiffon scarves in the way  you feel most comfortable since we believe it is the best way to express yourself and be unique. 

Colours brings emotions and feelings and the way we perceive colour is all around us. Just image we live in a black and white world but actually black and white are colours so what a bout a colourless world! Can you envision living in such a world?

Colors have such a strong influence on our mind, our emotions, our ideas, the way we perceive things and hence, how we respond to the world around us and also the kind of impression we make.