“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. - Coco Chanel

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Fashion is not about clothes. Or, more precisely, it’s not purely about clothes. If the fashion industry were based on utility alone – to keep warm and protect our modesty – then we’d have very little need to go shopping, unless based upon necessity. Our purchases would be based upon ‘need’ rather than ‘want’. 

The idea that Fashion is Art, and inversely, that Art can be Fashion, is a debate as old as time. As fashion designers, we look beyond our front doors for inspiration on how to foster ‘desire’ in what is a heavily saturated market; and we do this through Art. From literal translations such as Yves St Laurent's famed 1965 shift dress, replicating Piet Mondrian's renowned primary-coloured block print, through to Louis Vuitton’s latest art collaboration with Old Masters paintings like the Mona Lisa, Fashion and Art have always performed best in harmony. 

With a background in design and ceramics, much of my design inspiration for Basma Design comes from architecture and linear form, as well as natural surroundings. In designing each mono-print – a one-off hand drawing translated into a digital print transferred onto chiffon silk – it’s always been my intention to blend Art and Fashion, retaining this intricate relationship between two creative processes.  Just as a painting is open to interpretation, so too is a design: neither Fashion nor Art are limited by binary rules such as right or wrong. Fashion is Freedom.

I will always admire the boldest and most fearless of fashion designers from Alexander McQueen who “saw beauty in everything” through to perhaps the man whose words perhaps best sum up this sentiment, John Galliano: “The Joy of dressing is an Art”.

Through Basma Design, my aim is to ensure that each customer rediscovers the joy of dressing and I look forward to sharing my next collection with you in January. 

Watch this space!

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