“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun” - Van Gough

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Introducing our latest stunning silk scarf the Saffron Wave perfect for spring summer wardrobe and beyond. 

Our Saffron Wave is crafted from AAA silk chiffon the finest available and lovingly made in England. The yellow hues represent hope happiness and sunshine. It embodies positivity clarity and optimism. It is the colour of logic, practical thinking and communication. 

Yellow is a primary colour and it is one of the first pigments used by humans, found in ochre a naturally occurring mineral. 

Yellow is associated with inspiration and therefore this happy colour is befitting to be associated with the most inspirational woman in the world our mums. 

Mothers brought us to this world supporting us through the calamities that life throw at us  or more like it what we put ourselves through, with patience and a lot of it. 

A mum has at least 26 morning tasks for her children from breakfast, preparing lunch and taking kids to school on time. And more tasks throughout the day.

She cooks, cleans make sure everyone in the family is happy and heathy. In short she is superhuman our superhero.

Saying thank you, what better than gifting a luxurious silk scarf she will treasure this beautiful gift for Mothers’ day.

The yellow saffron colour blends with the delicate sweet peppermint a reminder of the softness of hills touching the sea while the bold cobalt blue hand rolled edges adds a luxe finish.  The saffron wave square silk scarf comes in the most beautiful luxurious white box with gold embossed logo and a mantra of empowerment.

All our scarves are easy in luxury fashion and we would love it when it is worn in the most comfortable way celebrating individuality and style.