Summer Style: Why the mark of Britishness is the hottest style this season

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Few things capture British culture and style as much as the British summer events calendar. Whether it Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, the quintessentially English Glyndebourne, a classic summer party or wedding or the sporting style of Wimbledon, the colourful choice of events  around the nation shows our endless love for buying into British style.

Did you know that 93% of shoppers surveyed in Britain said they would be prepared to pay more for quality products made in the UK? Maybe you’re one of those customers? Or perhaps you’re one of the 77% who believe that a product made here is naturally going to be of superior quality to an imported alternative? Both these facts are findings made by Make it Britishrecently who discovered that the main challenges well-intentioned customers have in buying British is knowing where to find the products. Basma Design is also listed on Not Just a Label  and available to buy at Handmade in Britain, but it can be hard for shoppers to know where to look for variety, choice and quality in one place these days.

So, in light of this hands-on, creative mood, we wanted to give you lovely people an easy ‘How To’ tour of Basma Design scarves from the studio to the shopfloor and to your own style:

A day in the studio

Basma design is WEARABLE ART. Art printed on silk using various printmaking techniques to design unique, one-of-a-kind silk scarves.

Designed freehand, the scarves are then printed digitally using the latest technology to preserve the texture and movement of the finest, AAA grade chiffon silk. This fusion of art, design and technology with innovation and creativity is what makes Basma Design unique.

Here is a quick 'How To' tour of the design print process:

Abstraction is the name of the game.

Influenced by architecture and linear form. 

Mixing colours using bold shades to add power and personality. Mixing colours is something I enjoy and find therapeutic. Listening to the unmistakeable and muffled noise produced as the colours are mixed is a quirky pleasure I draw from the process (video1).

A lino block, which I will have prepared earlier, to which I am adding the colour.

For this print, I've used 3 colours. This is the pink shade I have added throughout areas of this design (video2).

I use a Colombian press that's nearly 200 years old.

The culmination of this process is a print on paper. In reality, this isn't the finished product at all but a prototype, like the toile used for a sample garment.

I will then continue to experiment with different colours until I am happy with the mood and overall impression.

As wearable art, the print is never finished but is a living, evolving design.

As one of my recent favourite inspirations said, when I saw his exhibition at the Design Museum, “Perfection is never achieved, so you have to go on working” – Azzedine Alaïa

And I shall….

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