"The whole point of life is to live life and be – to use all the colours in the crayon box" - Ru Paul (American entertainer)

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Thank you to Fleur McCrone, personal stylist at Fine Styling,and to Clair, owner and photographer at Flashbang Photography.


This time of year always suggests two elements to me: reinvention and renewal.  Extended party nights, which last until the early hours, segue into New Year’s resolutions - it’s a time for transformation. Life changes can cover anything from kicking unhelpful habits through to embarking on new projects or adopting a fresh perspective, but few qualities have the innate capacity to mark or provoke change that is offered by colour. Colour is mood-changing, symbolic and emotive and – often unwittingly – we will reflect and cement moods by interacting with certain colours. As an artist and designer, I observe this a great deal – both personally, when inspired by visual art and places of colour, and from a work perspective when my customers wear my designs.

One of the magic qualities of a printed silk scarf – besides the luxury feel of the finest AAA grade silk we use at Basma Design – is its ability to transform a look. Not only does the fluidity and versatility offer a tool for personalisation like no other but, unlike clothing, it allows us to embrace colours we may shy away from when choosing, say a sweater or a blazer. For instance, we may hesitate at wearing a bright red blazer or dress, but a printed red scarf is surprisingly flattering on nearly every skin tone. Rather than stick firmly with our ‘safe’ colours – and indeed old habits – the silk scarf is the easiest way to transform a look, reinvent a style and renew a perspective. Of course, a new season marks new colours in Nature too. Despite the aversion many people have to wearing bright shades – preferring to stay with their ‘safe’ neutrals, there’s a colour to flatter every skin tone and a scarf tied at the neck is the surest way to add colour to your face. 

So, in light of the New Year and resolutions, I urge you all to bring colour into your life with the mood enhancing power of the silk scarf. As the very best personal stylists will tell you, a colourful silk scarf is the Swiss Army knife of style. Colour Therapy exists for good reason.

Fleur McCrone, a professional personal stylist who adopts a holistic approach when working with her clients at Fine Styling, firmly believes in the mood-enhancing and transformative power of fashion: 

“The very first thing I do with each and every client is a colour analysis to work out which colours suit them best.  They’re often sceptical, but I never tire of seeing them suddenly understand the immediate difference which colour can make to how they look and how they feel as well. It’s the most remarkable discovery. Wearing colour is a liberating and life changing journey, which does not happen overnight. For this very reason, a coloured accessory, such as a silk scarf is the perfect place to start”.

As for me, wearing colourful silk scarves would not qualify as a new resolution - given that it’s already a staple in my wardrobe – but I shall be launching something new. A New collection for the New Year …in a New shape! For January 2018, Basma Design will be embracing change and renewal with fresh designs, crisp new palettes, refreshed ideas and some very stylish surprises.

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I wish you all a wonderful, bright and inspired 2018, full of colour.