"When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely a woman, a beautiful woman" - Audrey Hepburn

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The first memory I have of a printed silk scarf - and indeed the one which inspires me every day – is that of my mother wearing one from her own beautiful, exotic collection. As a young girl, I loved choosing one from her wardrobe and dressing up as ‘woman’. Besides my mother’s collection – much of which I now have and which I will always treasure – my inspiration for Basma Design has been drawn from architecture and geometry. Landscape and natural scenes also provide sources of creativity , but the secret of silk will always be the touch, feel and sense of how that cool silk makes me feel as a woman. Each Basma Design chiffon silk scarf, digitally printed from a hand-drawn design, is made in the UK and, as mono-prints, every single design is innately unique; a one-off just like you.

Today, I admire the way Art and Fashion are blending and this is very much central to the fabric of Basma Design. I especially love the multiple ways in which contemporary fashion is interpreting the timeless silk scarf. 

Here are some suggestions I’ve made for ways to wear your Basma Design silk scarf and curate unique and personal style, each day in all seasons:

  • Channel your inner Hollywood icon with the Babouska headscarf  (think Audrey Hepburn & Elizabeth Taylor)
  • Leave the bulk of the fabric at the front for a Western feel.
  • Drape the scarf down either side of your neck and tuck into your waistband or belt.
  • Knot one end of your scarf and drape over a single shoulder for a subcontinental chic.
  • Fold the scarf in half and snuggly around your neck to create a choker like effect for a luxe power accessory
  • Gather your hair in the scarf loosely knotted at the top à la Paloma Faith
  • Take a leaf from Victoria Beckham’s stylebook with a quirky loop through the belt-hole and a nonchalant tuck inside the pocket
  • The edgy, hip wristband is gaining momentum with the Millennials and I love the decadence of this!

The silk scarf is the Swiss Army knife of style; your wardrobe weapon in the face of mundanity and the best investment you will ever make. It’s a power accessory like no other: Be your own Beautiful with Basma Design

How do you wear yours?